Tips to prevent eye strain while using computer screens

Are you experiencing any blurring, double vision, burning sensation on the eyes or constant headaches? If so, that could be a symptom of eyestrain. Well, even though eye strain is not a life-threatening health condition, it could make your everyday life a bit complicated one. Moreover, it can reduce your focus and productivity. 

In addition to that, treating eyestrain is not that difficult. However, as per the good old saying, prevention is better than cure. In this article, we explain how to prevent eyestrain and stay focused on your regular schedule.

What causes eyestrain?

Here are the main causes of eyestrain.

  • Looking at a computer screen or mobile phone screen for prolonged durations.
  • Reading fine prints.
  • Watching TV.
  • Driving for long hours.
  • Glare or poor light conditions in your work environment.

How to prevent eye strain?

Here are the tips you should consider to prevent eye strain.

First, you should consider wearing a good pair of light blocking glasses. In fact, the blue light emitted by computer screens and mobile phone screens is the main culprit behind the eye strain of modern-day individuals. They sit long hours in front of computers and expose their eyes to blue light. So, if you are a computer user, the best preventive measure is to use a pair of light blocking glasses.

Get rid of any glare in your work environment. Many individuals don’t pay attention to this matter but glare can be a strong cause of eye strain. So, be sure to position and angle your lights (task lights, table lamps, ceiling lights, bright windows etc.) properly. In simplest terms, you shouldn’t have any harsh light in your work environment. This is one of the most obvious steps to avoid eye strain.

Take frequent breaks from work no matter how important the work is. It is always bad to work and look at computer screen constantly for hours without taking any break. Your eyes need these frequent breaks badly. During the break, you should stretch yourself a bit and in addition to that, it is much better to walk a couple of steps. To make your eyes feel better, just rub your palms until they get warm. Then, cover the eyes with warm palms until you see complete darkness. Don’t apply pressure on your eyeballs. Instead, just cover the eyes to give them a rest. In addition to that, you should go near to a window and focus on a distant object for a minute or two.

The next important preventive measure is to lubricate the eyes. Dry eyes will make you feel really bad and uncomfortable. Eventually, dry eyes can lead to eye strain as well. So, keep the eyes lubricated well. Well, you can simply blink your eyes several times. In addition to that, you can use moisturizing drops to lubricate your eyes.

So, those are the tips that can prevent eye strain from troubling you. Good luck!