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"Now I Sleep Better"

I use these blue light blocking glasses late at night when working on the computer or reading my Kindle(2 to 3 hours before bedtime). My ability to fall asleep has noticeably improved as has my ability to go back to sleep after awakening in the middle of my sleep period. The improvement even shows up on the the daily reports from my sports watch as to obtaining additional sleep of better quality.

Verified Review

"They Work"

Bought these because I use an older computer with both windows 7 and Linux. I could have downloaded the software to block blue light but decided it was easier to purchase these glasses. They fit my head which is large and I went online to test the blue light blocking of the glasses and they work according to the tests. The price was way, way lower than all the other glasses and some of those glasses apparently didn't pass the online test. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Verified Review

"Works Wonderfully"

Hi, I bought two of these from you a few days ago. I want to tell you how extremely happy I am with my purchase! It was nearly overnight in delivery; brand new condition, professional packaging, professional product, they work WONDERFULLY!
So I personally wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product and how I will be ordering again and recommending you to others ! Thank you so much;!

Verified Review

"Wonderful purchase, headaches gone, wish I had bought sooner"

I love these! I wish I had bought them sooner. I had worried they wouldn't be good because they were cheaper than other glasses I had shopped for. These are comfortable and lightweight. I have a smaller size face. I wear these when I watch tv, and am on my phone and computer. I used to regularly have eye strain/dry eyes/headaches and would have a difficult time getting my eyes relaxed to go to sleep (even with a sleep mask). Since wearing the glasses they immediately made a difference.

Verified Purchase

"Works great for calming the mind"

Love the glasses! Instant calming effect! They look really unique so I haven’t worn them outdoors yet but instead wear them at home when I’m watching tv or looking at my phone. The glasses are high quality and light weight. I can't wait for your new styles so I can buy more!

Verified Purchase

"Everyone is Loving My Blue Light Blockers!!!"

People are raving about my new glasses. It cracks me up that these blue light blockers seem to be so popular. They help so much with my sensitive eyes that I now use them to watch tv and hang around the house. The amber in the lens is a must and works better then expected. Highly suggest and beyond better then the last ones I bought.

Verified Review

"Worth the Money"

Definitely helps with the blue light eye strain from the computer. Double as sunglasses when out doors. Wife says she likes how they look on me! Thank you!

Verified Purchase

"Great Pair of Glasses"

It’s a great concept. Bought them for my son for games and the all around. Bought a pair for myself they were comfortable and fit well

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