Dangers associated with eye strain

In pretty much all the cases, individuals experience eye strain as a result of focusing on the same object or activity for a long period. One of the best examples of such a practice is looking at a computer monitor or a mobile phone screen for a long time. If you overwork your eyes, that will definitely increase the possibility of getting ocular fatigue.

Well, eye strain can occur due to various things apart from looking at digital screens for a pretty long period. For instance, driving a vehicle for a long period at a stretch, reading the fine print, etc. can cause eye strain.

During the activities we have mentioned above, you will not blink as you are naturally used to be. In other words, you will blink less compared to the normal blinking rate. As a result, your eyes may become dry and may even lead to an eye strain as well.

In addition to that, such activities can even make the muscles around eyelids clenched. The same thing can happen to facial muscles, jaw, and temples. As a result, you will eventually start to pain some discomfort and a sensation of pain as well. Also, if you experience a refractive vision problem, that could be a cause of eye strain.  

The common symptoms associated with eye strain

Tired/sore feeling in the eye area or a burning and itchy feeling are the most common symptoms of eye strain. Also, your eyes will either get too dry or watery due to eye strain. In addition to that, you can experience some difficulties in focusing and feel hypersensitive to light. Blurred/double vision or other eye discomforts probably with a headache are other symptoms of eye strain.

Can eye strain lead to damage to vision?

Even though eye strain is really annoying, it doesn’t cause permanent damage to the vision. Basically, eye strain is not a disease or a serious health condition. However, it is a symptom that can bother you and prevent you from focusing on your regular tasks. It can also reduce your productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, even if eye strain is not a serious health issue, taking the necessary steps to prevent it is important. One of the best ways to prevent eye strain is wearing light blocking glasses when you are working on a computer or a smartphone. This is particularly applicable to those who work during late hours. In addition to that, it is very important to take regular breaks from the screen and focus on something else located in the distance. Such an approach will make your muscles relaxed and prevent potential ocular fatigue. Besides, you must avoid overly bright or too dim light in your work environment. Instead, pick a sufficient amount of light that helps you to see properly.

To maintain the health of the vision, it is recommended to take regular eye tests. Moreover, if you notice any blood in front or on the iris, you should immediately call for medical assistance as it is not a sign of eye strain but a sign of something serious.