Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses
Sleep ZM

Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Glasses

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Purchase Sleep ZM Blue Mystic Style Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women & Men to Enjoy Better Sleep Quality and Stop Eye Strain, Migraines, and Headaches.

Frames are made from TR90 which is lightweight and very strong - almost indestructible. In addition to blue light blocking technology, each lens offers 100% UV400 protection as well as anti-radiation, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection technologies.

Select from 2 different Lens Colors to choose the right amount of blue light protection right for your eyes: 

  • Max Protect Orange - 99.9% blue light blocking 
  • Computer Clear - 45% blue light blocking

Improve Sleep Quality - Sleep ZM blue light-blocking glasses are made with premium materials at an affordable price. These amber blue light filter glasses are designed to improve your sleep quality by blocking blue light from screens

Reduce Eye Strain - Use eye fatigue computer glasses to reduce blue light exposure & help to alleviate eye strain, headaches, & tired eyes from extended use of digital devices. The deep amber-orange lens makes it easier for your eyes to focus & relax

Protect Eye Health - By blocking 45% or 99.9% of FL-41 targeted 480-520 nm blue light & integrated anti-radiation technology, these bluelight glasses can help to protect eyes from irreversible tissue damage*

A Style For Everyone - Sleep ZM blue light glasses for women & men come in various stylish designs, including fit-over & clip-ons for glasses wearers. Plus, the lightweight, comfortable frame is great for extended use & are ideal gaming accessories

Trusted by Thousands - Trust the thousands of happy customers who use these orange-blue light-blocking glasses daily while working, as TV glasses or gaming glasses for men! Start protecting your eyes and improving your sleep quality

Billions of People - face sleep deprivation every night, and the adverse effects of inadequate sleep can affect our overall health, productivity, and well-being. At Sleep ZM, we are dedicated to helping individuals achieve a better night's sleep & enhance their quality of life.

Scientific Studies Confirm - that getting a good night’s sleep contributes towards living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. We’re smarter, maintain a healthier body weight, excel at work, sports, and daily life, and become stronger both emotionally and physically – Sleep ZM blue filter glasses are an effective solution for anyone seeking to achieve better sleep.

Measurements: Frame Width: 140 MM; Arm Length: 140 MM; Bridge Width: 19 MM; Lens Height: 41 MM; Lens Width: 51 MM

Purchase Includes: (1) Storage box; (1) Carry bag; (1) Cleaning cloth; 12 months warranty; 30 days free return

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